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The Sierra de Guadarrama Wagnerian Association (AWSG in Spanish) is a cultural association which was founded in 2013 with the aim of celebrating the bicentennial of Richard Wagner’s birth. It is composed by two musicians, Ángel Recas and José Hernández. We found a huge void throughout Spain and even throughout Europe in celebrating this event, and before the inactivity of many Wagnerian associations that claim to do a lot, but whose motto could be “Much ado about nothing”, we decided to create our own cultural association. We are just two musicians, but we organized more than twenty concerts in 2013 and we didn’t repeat hardly programs, with a tremendous shortage of resources.

After 2013, we decided to continue with our association and our activity. One of our main activities is to organize the AntiBayreuth Festival, a musical event which coincides with the original Bayreuth Festival. The original aim is to celebrate and consolidate a Wagnerian festival in San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid) at the very same time of the Bayreuth Festival, with the same works and on the same day. The title “AntiBayreuth” is to be a counterpoint to the original festival, even a reflection of this, so there is no derision or hostility in our minds. Anyway, our product is quite different. We play Wagner operas for solo piano, so we devote ourselves to the transcription genre; we make a lecture before every concert, and we accompany the music with images and texts in a way similar to silent movies, thus creating a new format of spectacle.

We created a successful crowdfunding project to raise money and make possible our activity. You can check it here: We reached the goal we had set.

But now… life goes on, and we are always in need of new and fresh resources. If you wish to collaborate and make a contribution to our initiative, we’ll be very grateful. We offer this secure gateway for donations. You just click on the image and you will be automatically redirected to the PayPal websitepage, just in the threshold of our account:


For any questions or if you want further clarification, you may contact us at:, in Twitter:, or in Facebook:

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